The Colorado Legislature generally convenes January – May.

You’ve heard the saying “all politics is local.” This truism translates to the Colorado General Assembly for Value Pharmacists.

The Capitol in downtown Denver contains all the hustle and bustle of a beehive for the first half of every calendar year. It’s where you’d normally find Val strategizing with fellow lobbyists on the next move in their strategy for a given position supporting pharmacists on pending legislation.

For every practicing pharmacist in Colorado “all politics is local” also means that every action taken in the General Assembly could affect them personally. Once a law is passed, the rules and regulations promulgated by the Department of Regulatory Agencies and overseen by the State Board of Pharmacy tell you everything from the maximum number of technicians in the technicians-to-pharmacist ratio to the fact that pharmacists are recognized as health-care providers in Colorado.

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All Politics is Local

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