One of the many perks of being associated with pharmacy leadership for several years is developing friendships with many “movers and shakers” in the pharmacy community.

The other night we were honored and privileged to attend the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus 2016 Commencement & Awards Banquet.

Years ago this was a much more casual affair. Now the newly “bottled” (if you were there, you’ll understand the wine reference) Pharm.D.s are attended by numerous family and friends, the 3-course meal is served with your choice of beverage from the cash bar and awards and congratulatory greetings flow freely.

Since Val received the University’s “Distinguished Coloradan” award in 1989 for

outstanding service to the school and the profession,

we were seated with Dean Altiere and two other previous Distinguished Coloradan recipients – Warren Heim and Joe Valdez.

This year’s Distinguished Coloradan recipient is friend and colleague, Tim Mead. In his remarks, Tim advised each graduate to (1) remain true to yourselves while maintaining high ethics without endangering your patients or practice , (2) use your “extremely valuable” knowledge and skills to seek out niches and increase, and protect, your marketability and position as a healthcare professional and (3) get involved in associations, blogs and in the legislature and become the unified force to promote the profession. The advice speaks of Tim’s experience in various practice settings, his respect for fellow pharmacists and his unending support for the profession of pharmacy.

Matt McClure, student at CU SSPPS, outside Notre Dame in Paris

Doubly endearing, Tim’s words were heard by a newly minted Pharm.D. friend of ours, Matt McClure. We met Matt when he attended a “CE & SKI” event we hosted for the Colorado Pharmacists Society in Vail a few years ago. Then we were fortunate to spend a few evenings with him in, of all places, Paris. France. Dr. Matt received his Doctor of Pharmacy and celebrated with his parents. Now he’s off to practice in the real world………..but only after his “Ode to Drugs

Congratulations to all 2016 pharmacy graduates. Come join us in supporting your profession.

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