I always have been ready to spill the beans. Ask me a question and you’ll get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Well, honestly, you’ll probably get a whole lot more too. When people ask me a question I have an issue with being – circumspect and thoughtful. Guarded, considered responses are not my style. Rather it’s as if you open the tap and all the water comes gushing out.

Since it’s the time of year when Val is busy in meetings and conferences with various “stakeholders” and “parties,” I’m eager to let you know all about the fascinating news he shares with me. There’s some exciting stuff coming down the pike.

I figure the information would be interesting and compelling to you. It would let you know the multitudes of people we’re involved with, who’s pursuing what in the upcoming sessions and how we’re contributing to projects supporting the profession of pharmacy. It would increase excitement about Value Pharmacists and increase readership of our blog.

But, supporting pharmacy through advocacy requires more tact, so, as much as I’d like to divulge, in this public forum, many of the topics Val has shared with me – I won’t.

You see, in each and every tête-à-tête (private conversation between two people) there is very likely sensitive information discussed. Content that could include details of:

  • alliances between representative groups or entities,
  • discussions of who are the “pharmacy supportive” legislators or “friends of pharmacy,”
  • positioning pharmacy with legislators and regulators,
  • who is lobbying what positions for whom,
  • strategies to affect outcomes including the who, what, when, how & why components,
  • speculating and strategizing responses to initial opposing positions,
  • and more.

Instead of me sharing the scoop, I’d like you to spill the beans. Your day-to-day needs as you practice could be just the linchpin needed to put the last puzzle piece in place to benefit the entire community. Instead of assuming any “stated party line” is accurate and beneficial, let’s use bi-directional information to benefit our valued pharmacists.

Give Val a call at 303-669-3080 or drop him a line at val@valuepharmacists.com. Tell him what’s on your mind regarding statutes or regulations. Discuss the topics affecting your practice today. You just may find he’ll share a sneak peek with with you on a topic of interest. Have your own private tête-à-tête with Mr. Pharmacy. You’ll enjoy it.

In the meantime, enjoy my picture of water gushing from Fish Creek Falls on a summer hike!

I’m Ready to Spill the Beans

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