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A Pharmacy Sunset hearing on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 kicked off the legislative activity for 2012. The information below describes the schedule, process and activity expected before the 1/24/12 hearing. In preparation, the testifying pharmacist representatives were given this information by Val Kalnins, Executive Director of the Colorado Pharmacists Society at the time. It is provided here to impart a sense of the planning, activity and commitment to testify at the Colorado state house.

The Pharmacy Sunset hearing on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 is where each pharmacy group will have an opportunity to express their position on each of the DORA recommendations as well as requesting any amendments to the Sunset bill. If you are planning to come, here are some more details:

Please plan to arrive at the Legislative Services Building Room A at 1:20 PM. Parking is available across the street from the Capitol’s east entrance. The lot charges $12 for a ½ hour or all day.

Go to the building (Legislative Services Building) across the street from the Capitol’s south side entrance (between Sherman and Grant on 14th). Come in the main entrance (up the granite steps) and you will see doors to a large meeting room on your left as soon as you walk in.

Three sunset hearings are scheduled to be heard by the House Health and Environment Committee that afternoon. Unfortunately, we are last on the calendar. The other two sunset hearings are the Commission of the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Regulation of Hemodialysis Technicians.

Since, I have no idea how many people will be testifying on these two reports, the pharmacy sunset report could be heard as early as 2:30 PM or as late as 6:00 PM. We need to be there right at 1:30 because the schedule can be changed at the last minute and our report could be the first to be heard. Bring your phone, your laptop, portable office – it could be a long day.

Coordinated testimony (who is testifying, in what order) is most effective and most desired by our bill sponsor. If you will be testifying and are interested in being part of the coordinated testimony, please let me know as soon as possible.

If you cannot attend in person, there are other ways to participate. Listen on line – Go to, click on “Session Information”, then “Audio and Video Broadcasts”, then “House Committees”, then “House Health and Environment.” Under “Upcoming House Health and Environment Events, you will see the meeting “In Progress” (after 1:30 PM) and the links “Listen to Event.”

48 hours after the hearing, the complete recording of the hearing proceedings will be available on the same page you access when you follow the same order of links as above and look under “House Health and Environment Archived Audio”.

These websites function the best in the Internet Explorer browser and you also need a fairly current version of Windows Media Player.

Planning Your Day When You Testify

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