It happened. Did you hear about it? Or was it totally under your radar? How prepared are you to manage six technicians?

What?  Manage six technicians?

Yup, on May 3, 2017, the allowed technician-pharmacist ratio in Colorado was DOUBLED to six from three and signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper. The revised statutes governing the practice of pharmacy in Colorado were lawfully amended:

“12-42.5-119. Limited authority to delegate activities constituting
practice of pharmacy to pharmacy interns or pharmacy technicians.
(1) A pharmacist may supervise up to three SIX persons who are either
pharmacy interns or pharmacy technicians, of whom no more than two may
be pharmacy interns” (Read the entire bill.)

Are there any additional requirements to permit the use of three or more pharmacy technicians ?

Yes. If THREE OR MORE pharmacy technicians are on duty, THE MAJORITY must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Certified by a nationally recognized certification board
  • Possess a degree from an accredited pharmacy technician training program
  • Have completed five hundred hours of experiential training in duties described in section 12-42.5-102 (31)(b) at the pharmacy as certified by the pharmacist manager.

When can the new ratio be implemented?

The effective date of the act permitting this change is August 9, 2017. Although the board of pharmacy will not have rules in place by that date, this new ratio may be implemented effective August 9, 2017.

How will it affect your pharmacy? How ready are you to manage six technicians? How much additional counseling time and other pharmacist services would this allow in your practice? Let us know your thoughts on this legislation.

Ready to Manage Six Technicians?

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