During this unusual year of lock-down, many unprecedented events occurred and continue. Fortunately for those of us living in Prescott, the impact of a worldwide pandemic has been softened by the wide variety of hiking trails, cycling and golf options available.

You’ll notice in the image that, yes, Val is still on the phone. Though now he isn’t calling sponsors, speakers or legislators. (He was most assuredly checking on a tee time.)

We have spent the year washing our hands, singing happy birthday and NOT touching our faces! When not running masked-up errands for the household, Val has been keeping actively involved following COVID-19 through numerous online CE programs.

Those of you who have worked with Val in the past know his level of dedication, focus and commitment. Though the pharmacy profession remains a focus of his life, in our “spare time” we have also moved more deeply into retirement.

Val’s posts will return. Keep a watchful eye.

Where’s Val?

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